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AMC Theaters Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payment for Movie Tickets

The largest movie theater chain in the US with more than 1000+ theatres and 10,500 screens across the globe, AMC Theatres will finally accept cryptocurrency payments.

In back August, AMC announced that they are planning to accept cryptocurrency as the form of payment. However, it has not been known when they will start accepting cryptocurrency. But recently, Adam Aron, CEO of AMC, announced that it would accept cryptocurrencies to purchase movie tickets.

This is what Aron has to say:

“Big newsflash! As promised, many new ways NOW to pay online at AMC. We proudly now accept drumroll, please… Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin. Also, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal. Incredibly, they already account for 14% of our total online transactions! Dogecoin next.”

With big giants from different industries getting into crypto, it was a matter of time before the movie industry hops into it. And we are glad that Amc took the right decision of accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

Near-Death Experience for AMC

As we all know, AMC almost collapsed due to the pandemic last year, but it was saved by an army of Reddit and Twitter day traders who sent its shares soaring by over 2,300 percent. It is the reason Amc knows the power of a strong community, and there is no better community than crypto. Their decision of AMC to accept cryptocurrency will surely make every crypto fan happy.

Aron stated that the theater chain is attempting to integrate Shiba Inu coins into its payment options. Still, he has yet to announce whether or not it is possible.


Cryptocurrency has been used to pay for goods and services, even though the industry is still in its infancy. This will surely change with initiatives like Amc accepting cryptocurrencies. More than this, it may encourage other companies like Amazon to accept such payment methods for their goods and services.

And since we live in a world where everything is moving online, I think it is a great idea to accept cryptocurrency payment. Aron says that they are already receiving 14% of its total transactions in digital currencies. This number will undoubtedly increase with time.

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