Cryptocurrency Today – 14th July 2021

Today, 14th July 2021, is not one of the best days for the cryptocurrency market.

Total Volume Down Again

Another 3.55% decrease in total market volume in the last 24 hours leaves stable coins holding >80.5% of the total 24-hour volume. BTC is down 2.41%, ETH down 5.59%, BNB down5.59%, and ADA 5.71% lower than yesterday.

Lok Sabha Delays Crypto Bill

With the world clamping down on cryptocurrency, India was expected to pass the crypto bill yesterday, alongside 23 other bills. However, the crypto bill is not on the list of immediate sittings, leaving further speculation towards if and when they will put the crypto bill forward.

British Police Seize £180 Million in Cryptocurrency

Only one month after the record criminal seizure of £114 million, the Metropolitan Police have now seized a further £180 million in digital currencies believed to be linked to the first haul. The 24th of June saw one woman arrested on suspicion of money laundering. She was then released on bail.


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