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Elon Musk Might Cause Issues For Dogecoin

Musk’s apparent passion for Dogecoin is not exactly new. March 2020 saw the Centibillionaire’s first tweet about the meme coin, with a huge increase in price, as would be expected. Since then, we have seen many tweets from Elon, including the Doge on the moon tweet on February 24th, 2021. Since then, there have been numerous tweets and profile pictures from Elon showing his support for the Doge, including the Shiba Inu reflection in his sunglasses.

He also said that he was working with the developers there to improve efficiency, stating that they may even replace Bitcoin for Tesla’s payments. Furthermore, he exalted Dogecoin for being more environmentally friendly than BTC.

Can Doge Dodge This?

However, in a more recent event, today, Elon changed his “Doge in sunglasses” Twitter profile picture to one of a SpaceX rocket, which only adds to the damage already caused by the lack of Doge tweets for the last couple of weeks.

While the reason is probably that he is preoccupied with SpaceX’s SN20 rollout, it has still dealt a blow to the community of the meme coin. However, the price at the time of writing is not falling much, we can only imagine that watching support dwindle away is painful.

We are certain that there are many people buying the coin now, though, just waiting for the next big thing to come from Elon’s Twitter profile. We wait and see.

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