Exclusive Interview with DeGeThal CEO – Alin Luca

In this article, we have had the chance to talk to DeGeThal CEO Alin Luca. We want to thank him for his time.

Hello Alin, it’s nice to have you here! Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us what brought you to the world of blockchain technology and the crucial factor that made you interested in it?

Greetings and I’m glad to talk to you. From the fire discovery until now, people have evolved, we went from making a fire in a cave to landing on the moon in a relatively short time.

After doing our research, we saw you are an offline businessman. Can you tell us what makes you interested in online ventures, especially in cryptocurrency?

Internet and financial sectors don’t lose time, so we adapted to these times. But what if we can improve it? So we developed the DeGeThal project to bring the speed of payments into our lives, the ease that we all need in payment, and managing our funds because speed it’s good, so we choose to evolve. People and businesses that refuse to be a part of evolution will always lose the advantage in front of the others that have chosen to go fast and forward.

What makes the project you are part of unique and why?

Our project is unique because it’s the only one that makes the payments with crypto and fiat united into one ecosystem, in just 2 steps you can pay with crypto or fiat anywhere in the world, and that can be done even by people who got no clue about crypto. We build the next big thing for the people that need speed in payments and money managing. Of course, we have a lot to say, but the space in the interview it’s a bit limited, so we also recommend to follow us to fully understand what we do 🙂

What are your plans for this year?

We will release the DEMO app so the users can see what we build, we plan to extend our community and complete the IEO of our token. Also, in November we begin building the wallet that allows you to have your own bank account and pay anywhere in the world. And this is only the first step.

The last question: Which cryptocurrencies, apart from Lisk, do you find interesting?

I believe these are Bitcoin and Ethereum, but maybe you can name some more. I also find Cardano and EOS interesting but BNB as well.

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