Retail Giants Seek Cryptocurrency Product Leads

In July 2021, Amazon posted a vacancy on their website for a Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead. In February this year, they announced they were looking to launch, what appears to be, a crypto-based payment system. However, rumors were that they would not use any of the already public coins or tokens, and create their own.

Amazon already has an affinity with the blockchain. In fact, a quarter of all Ethereum workloads already run on AWS. Therefore, it is no surprise that they are looking to expand into digital currency a little more.

Amazon is Not Alone!

No one has ever expected Amazon to be the sole enterprise looking into the cryptocurrency movement. However, after news died down about their stable token patent in 2019, no one was certain how, and when, Walmart would join the race.

Looking for a Senior Director II Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency Product Lead, Walmart wants someone to be responsible for “developing the Digital Currency strategy and product roadmap.” Although that doesn’t necessarily indicate Walmart creating their own currency, they also state that the right candidate will “Own and drive the Digital Currency strategy for Walmart” and “Identify customer needs and translate them into product requirements.

One thing to note, however, is that they have been looking into, and using blockchain for a while:

“Walmart has been working with IBM on a food safety blockchain solution to add transparency to the decentralised food supply ecosystem by digitising the food supply chain process.”

The Future of Crypto-Retail

While it is uncertain which of the retail giants will win the race to become the first to accept crypto payments, one thing is for certain: As soon as one does, the rest will not be far behind.

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