The Next NFT Wave Powered by Elrond Blockchain

This article will highlight all the NFT projects built in the Elrond blockchain. We will look into these projects individually and straightforwardly talk about them to help people understand their goals.

We know that Some people might not understand what NFTs are and what the Elrond blockchain is. Therefore, Before we look through the projects, we will provide you with a short explanation of NFTs and the Elrond blockchain.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, a record of ownership stored on a blockchain used for digital assets. NFTs are an emerging and increasingly popular way to create and manage unique digital assets using blockchain technology.

NFTs can represent ownership over digital or physical assets that are unique, such as:

  • Physical property (real estate)
  • Artwork and other collectibles
  • Gaming items
  • In‐game items and characters
  • NFTs can also be used to tokenize votes, shares, reputation, and more.

However, at this time, the most popular and widespread use is for digital assets, even though the possibility is there, and likely to emerge, to prove ownership of physical assets.

What is The Elrond Blockchain?

The Elrond blockchain is a protocol that can be thought of as a faster and more scalable version of Ethereum. Elrond is designed to provide the high transaction throughput necessary for use cases such as financial or medical computations, data-rich environments like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, or AI-heavy real-time Big Data applications.

The core philosophy behind Elrond is that most complex computation does not require the whole network to be involved. And that in most cases, computation will take place entirely independently of other parallel computations.

 The Next NFT Wave Powered by Elrond Blockchain

NFTs have been increasingly popular, and most of them are created in the Ethereum blockchain. Still, since Ethereum has high and unstable gas fees, many developers are moving toward the Elrond blockchain and selling their NFTs in emoon due to the cheap costs and developer-friendliness. Now let’s talk about the NFTs created on the Elrond Network.

All of the following NFT projects are presented in a random order to not give preference to any individual projects. You should always do your own research before investing.

1) Gnogen

Gnogen NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Gnogen is an NFT project built exclusively on the Elrond Network Blockchain. By taking advantage of Elrond NFT space, Gnogen wants to have an early presence in Elrond. The team will use the Elrond Blockchain for the ecosystem of their entire enterprise. Specifically, they’re currently working on an online social interface combining the best features of Defi, NFTs, community, and art.

The Gnogen team plans to use an $ESDT token, known as $GNG, to power the entire platform in the future. However, in the beginning, their goal is to create a lot of value for Gnogenverse by giving it its own unique NFTs.

Gnogen will make use of a decentralized protocol. Therefore all the NFTs created on it will use a decentralized protocol. That implies that the artist will be in charge of one aspect of the artwork. It comprises 20 distinct artists worldwide, bringing together previously released work and new material from start to finish. From concept through sketching to painting to animation and then post-production – this collection was made by 20 separate individuals worldwide.

Get ready to begin season 1 of Gnogenverse with eight original characters – 7 supreme heroes and one supreme villain.

Find them on Twitter.

2) Lightning Bolts

Lightning Bolts NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Lightning Bolts is a 5,000 generative NFT project built on Elrond Network, meaning they will never mint more than 5,000 Lightning Bolts. In the presale, they will only sell 1,000 of them. After the presell. You can buy another 4000 based on the auction in the blockchain.

Find them on Twitter

3) Cars Evolution Ecosystem

Cars Evolution Ecosystem NFT on Elrond Blockchain

The inspiration behind creating this project is the mythological legend of Morpheus. We are pretty sure the team behind this is as visionary as Morpheus, too.

The supercar represents the ideal goal of financial independence that people can obtain by combining functional and pleasant elements to create a balance between creativity and technology to reach one’s desired level of financial security.

As the team describes, “Each 13-NFT ecosystem is based on the natural elements that existed before humanity and will persist after mankind has evolved and been replaced or enhanced by technology.”

Find them on Twitter.

4) Maiar Punks

Maiar Punks NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Maiar Punks is an NFT project built on Elrond Network. They have a collection of 10k unique NFTs that will soon be released in the Elrond network. CryptoPunks are getting extremely famous in Ethereum, and we hope Maiar Punks will be prominent in the Elrond network.

Find them on Twitter and Telegram.

5) Elrond Punks

Elrond Punks NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Elrond Punks is the first NFT collection on Elrond network. They aim to strengthen the art market with the help of the Elrond blockchain. Their artists create all the NFTs of Elrond punks.

Elrond Punks is a great supporter of reforestation. Therefore they will donate 30% of profits toPlanète Urgence. We appreciate their excellent work.

Find them on Twitter.

6) Boss Beez

Boss Beez NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Boss Beez has come up with a high-class, 5,000 NFT strong collection on the Elrond Blockchain. There is a variety of characteristics, such as wings, antennae, hats, and more. All Beez are fantastic in their way, but certain ones are rarer than others.

They’re trying to give the investors great value while also assisting nature on their journey by expanding on Elrond’s carbon-negative footprint.

Find them on Twitter.

7) Alien Plants

Alien Plants NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Alien Plants is an NFT project focused on creating unique plants based on Elrond Network and its community.

They will create all the NFTs with “Inkscape” based on an original concept and vision, without plagiarizing any other project/artist in the NFT world or developing self-generating code. Their first series will include 69 unique and innovative 1/1 pieces. All NFTs are fully cataloged and may be searched.

Find them on Twitter.

8) CryptoRings

CryptoRings NFT on Elrond Blockchain

CryptoRings is a unique collection of 10,000 NFTs called $RING. All of them are unique, allowing you to compete against other ring owners to control arenas, which provide token rewards.

For more information on this project, you can read their blog, which explains everything in detail.

Find them on Twitter.

9) Elrond Lions Club

Elrond Lions Club NFT on Elrond Blockchain

The roar of the lion is what makes a lion a lion. And Now, the Elrond Lions Club comes with 5,555 lions to roar in the Elrond Blockchain. This NFT project will feature elements such as a 90 percent royalty giveaway to holders, passive earnings through Gen 2 NFT drops, breeding season, and more.

Find them on Twitter.

10) Elrond Alien Punks

Elrond Alien Punks NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Alienpunks is one of the first few NFT projects on Elrond Blockchain. Only 1,500 Elrond Alienpunks will ever exist. The initial 500 (#1 to #500) are available for pre-order sale, with the remaining 1,000 up for auction.

Find them on Twitter.

11) Plata

Plata NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Plata is another NFT project that you will find in the Elrond blockchain. They have different kinds of NFTs that you can find on emoon. They have also collaborated with CyberInAction to bring various types of NFTs to the Elrond community.

Find them on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram.

12) eSpaceNFT

eSpaceNFT NFT on Elrond Blockchain

eSpaceNFT is the first Space Art and Flat design NFT on ElrondNetwork. They provide an exclusive range of one-of-a-kind NFTs, all with verifiable proof of ownership on the Elrond blockchain. Some of the NFTs include Space punks, Space arts, etc.

All the sales are managed by a smart contract that their team has developed! And they have their own eSpaceNFT marketplace.

Espace NFT is 100% technically autonomous, thanks to its technical know-how. In addition, they will donate 10% of the sales of the original SpacePunks collection to UNICEF.

Find them on Twitter.

13) Whaley

Whaley NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Whaley is a 4,000 generative NFT project based on Elrond Network. Everyone who supports Elrond knows that the most sought-after and distinctive sticker from Maiar App is the whale, which is why they decided to make personalized Whaleys. If you want some Whale NFT collections, make sure to check them out.

Find them on Twitter.

14) BattleOfNodes

BattleOfNodes NFT on Elrond Blockchain

It is an NFT Fantasy Trading Card Game with a base set collection of 92 cards, colorful creatures, and rich lore. In BattleOfNodes, you will Collect cards, create decks and challenge your friends.

Find them on Twitter.

15) Human

Human NFT on Elrond Blockchain

The NFT project #HUMAN is based on Elrond Network with 100% distinctive collectibles. The best thing is Only 100 #HUMANs will be minted, so the HUMAN NFTS are pretty rare. The resolution of each NFT will be 4000×4000 JPG.

Find them on Twitter and Instagram.

16) Imaginings: Moments of Magic

Imaginings: Moments of Magic NFT on Elrond Blockchain

It is another NFT project built on the Elrond blockchain. The project was started from the love of the creator toward fantasy art. This is what Andrea Klassen-Koop- the creator of Imaginings, has to say.

“My newfound love for tabletop roleplay partially inspired this project. My desire for a more magical meditation experience and my love for fantasy art and settings. I believe that storytelling is more alive and necessary than ever, and I want to take part in it.”

In each episode, they will release a limited number of NFTs. By buying the NFTs, you will support the creator’s art and will bring value to you. The number of NFTs will grow as the audience grows.

Find them on Twitter and Telegram.

17) OctoPods

OctoPods NFT on Elrond Blockchain

OctoPods is an interesting NFT project that is on the Elrond Network, which is created for everyone. The max supply of OctoPods they will ever mint is 5,000, out of which 4,750 will be Regular ones, and 250x will be Special OctoPods.

Find them on Twitter.

18) Elrond Apes

Elrond Apes NFT on Elrond Blockchain

The Apes have come to Elrond with 10,000 unique NFTs to satisfy everyone. The remarkable thing about the Apes is that they are in 3d that will live in the Elrond blockchain forever. If you love wild animals, especially Apes- this is your time to buy Elrond Apes NFT.

Find them on Twitter.


eGOLDJI NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Ji Ji eGold Ji. This NFT project is exciting for everyone who loves emojis and wants to hold unique emojis in NFT. It will be released soon in Maiar Wallet.

Find them on Twitter.

20) Tough Cats

Tough Cats NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Who doesn’t love cats? Okay, maybe a few don’t, but that’s not the point. We haven’t yet had many details about this project, but we can assure you one thing- the cats. There will be a variety of CAT NFTs that will be soon available in Elrond Network.

Find them on Twitter.

21) Lucretzia

Lucretzia NFT on Elrond Blockchain

As their Twitter BIO reads, “Lucretzia’s heart was broken. She has lessons. You will love her.” This NFT project looks quite exciting and suspenseful. Right now, They have eight bundles of 4 NFTs for sale. You can either buy 4 NFTs for 1 Egld or 16 NFTs for 4 eGLD.

Find them on Twitter.

22) Muertos

Muertos NFT on Elrond Blockchain

It is another art NFT project built on the Elrond Network. As per the team information, there will not be more than 100 Muertos NFT to exist, and all of them are unique. If you want to buy Muertos NFT, make sure you are earlier than the crowd.

Find them on Twitter.

23) TheRoseNFT

TheRoseNFT NFT on Elrond Blockchain

One thing we all need in both the Crypto and NFT community is positivity. The theRoseNFT project wants to adopt the modest and efficiency of the Elrond network to spread positivity around the community.

There will be a total of 1,000 Rose NFTs, all unique in their way. All of the roses have been worked on by the professional artist Sirpa Moghissi and her son. They will launch the project as soon as the Elrond/Maiar NFT marketplace launches.

Find them on Twitter.

24) Validators

Validators NFT on Elrond Blockchain

Validators are an NFT project of Elrond Network intending to secure and validate the Elrond blockchain. The Validators will do everything in their power to complete their goal, even if it means war.

Find them on Twitter.

25) ElrondPlanet NFT

ElrondPlanet NFT on Elrond Blockchain

ElrondPlanet NFT will be a Play & Earn Game Project that will be released soon. The date has not been decided yet.

The game will be a Space-like game with each NFT Character featured, including Halloween and the rest of the NFT Characters. Holding both The first and second NFT collection will grant users early access to the game.

They will pay 12% of the amount made from the game to all holders of ElrondPlanet NFT weekly (first or second collection holders) and the remaining percentage to promote and develop the project.

Find them on Twitter.

26) E Leafs

E Leafs NFT on Elrond Blockchain

E Leafs is a 2,000 generative NFT project based on the Elrond Network. We all know the importance of leaves in the Elrond community. It determines that Elrond is ‘The First Carbon Negative European Blockchain.’

There will be only 2,000 E Leafs that will ever be minted. The first 500 are for presale. They will be dropping the other 1,500 NFTs when the Elrond NFT Marketplace is live.

Find them on Twitter.

27) Folk Masks

Folk Masks

Folk Masks is a 6,000 generative NFT collection built on Elrond Network. Elrond Network was founded in Romania, so the team got the inspiration for this project from Romanian folklore.

Find them on Twitter.

28) Elva Forest

Elva Forest

Elva Forest is the first “NFT SAGA” created on the Elrond Blockchain. There will be plenty of airdrops and shared revenues within the rewarding community framework. As per the team, holders can expect Epic stories- Animations- Merch – Upgradable NFTs, and more!

Find them on Twitter and Telegram.

29) The Aquaverse

The Aquaverse

The Aquaverse is an NFT project on Elrond Network, creating an aquatic metaverse connected to the natural underwater world. The Aquaverse needs 9,999 Guardians to do sea sponge aquaculture and preserve the harmony.

In this Aquaverse, you will be a Guardian that finances natural sea sponge aquaculture who will clean the seas.

Find them on Twitter.

30) SuperRareBears


SuperRareBears is another NFT project on the Elrond blockchain. There will be 10k unique characters that have various degrees of rarity, allowing for future gamification.

Find them on Twitter and Telegram.

31) Space Robots

Space Robots

Space Robots is an NFT project in the Elrond network dedicated to everyone who loves robots. They have different types of Robot NFTs that will satisfy the robot fan from the Elrond community. We don’t yet have other information about this project.

Find them on Twitter.

32) Elrond Voice NFT

Elrond Voice NFT

Elrond Voice is the unique NFT project intending to build the first text-to-speech smart contract AI on the Elrond blockchain. All the NFT’s will be different, and you will also have a chance to request the custom NFT with a unique recording.

Find them on Twitter.

33) Natural Born Degenz

Natural Born Degenz

Natural Born Degenz is one of the most unique ideas seen so far on the Elrond NFT space. It is the Disturbing creations of born degenerates. Genesis creation «Lunicorn.».

The Lunicorn consists of 4,296 unique Lunicorns, (de)generated from 155 unique traits. People who mint a Lunicorn will get a full-body lunicorn and the head to use for PFP if you want it. Holding a Natural Born Degenz will make you a Verified Degen for future projects and earn you membership in the exclusive Natural Born Degen Club.

Find them on Discord.

34) Elrond Panda Club

Elrond Panda Club

Panda has an extensive fan base on planet earth, especially among humans. If you love pandas and want to hold some Panda NFTs, then now is your chance. Elrond Panda Club Only has 6,666 Elrond Panda Club NFTs, and once they get sold out, they will never be minted again.

Find them on Twitter.

35) Cybers In Action

Cybers In Action

Cybers In Action is another NFT project in Elrond Network. They have different kinds Of NFTs available to be bought, including #Rare Assasins, #Gold Assasins and #Zombie Assasins.

Find them on Twitter and Telegram.

36) SKE7Y


SKE7Y is the first skeletons collection of NFT in ElrondNetwork. They have different kinds of skeletons collection and are a good pick for anyone who wants to have some horror in their NFT compilation.

Find them on Twitter.

37) MoonArt


MoonArt is another project that will soon be on the Elrond blockchain. They have different kinds of NFTs. Only a few copies will be available for each NFT to guarantee rarity.

Find them on Twitter.

38) The Maiar Goddesses

The Maiar Goddesses

The Maiar Goddesses explore a new and, at the same time, old story related to the first people who walked the face of the earth. Each MaiarGoddesses NFT will be the entrance ticket to the NFT universe that will develop at KosmiumNFT.

Find them on Twitter and Telegram.

39) Digianimal Spirit

Digianimal Spírit

Each cryptocurrency is unique and unmatched, with characteristics that make it very special in today’s technological world. Although it sounds strange, they have a particular resemblance to the animal world. This collection shows the animal spirit accompanied by some elements that exalt its essence. Will you know how to recognize them? This collection will consist of 5 unique NFTs models.

Find them on Twitter.

40) Stramosi

Stramosi is another NFT project in Elrond Network. They have 10k wacky, unique characters that were inspired by the vibrant folklore of Romania. The specially curated 10k NFT collection will increase network adoption and allow everyone to start their decentralized tourism platform on Elrond.

Stramosi is one of the first NFT collections on Elrond, combining blockchain technology, contemporary art, and historical heritage to create a new form. As of today, there are more than 800k Elrond wallets, and only 10k can buy them. Therefore make sure you get it early not to miss the sale if you like the project and their NFTs.

Find them on Twitter.

41) Colorful Colony

Colorful Colony is the First handmade NFT project on Elrond Network with an exclusive collection of 250+ Pioneers in the new space. If you are into Handmade NFTs that looks quite intriguing, you should check out their project. We don’t have much information about Colorful Colony as it is quite a new project, but we keep looking for further updates.

Find them on Twitter.

42) Elrond Girls

Elrond girls NFT

Elrond Girls is a unique NFT collection with the aim to inspire more girls to join the crypto space via Elrondnetwork. They have premiums NFTs, which will be presented on the Marketplace/NFT viewer/Rarity Tool made by truststaking. There will be a total of 10000 NFT E-girls to be ever minted.

 We don’t yet know the starting price for those beautiful NFTs, but we can guess that the starting price will be less than 1 Egld. The founder of Elrond Girls is a 15-year-old Eremia Maria with a passion for NFTs. Feel free to check out her work and support her.

Find them on Twitter.

45) Elrond masks


Elrond masks NFTs

It is another NFT project by trust staking where you can find unique masks. Just like with Elrond girls, there will be a total of 10000 NFT E-masks to be ever minted. We don’t have much information about other things, but you can check them out for the latest updates.

Find them on Twitter.


These are all of the NFT projects created in the Elrond blockchain till now. If we missed any other projects, let us know, and we will add them here.

Did you already buy some of the NFTs from the given projects? Were you aware of all those NFT projects built on Elrond Network? What is your Favorite NFT project? Are you going to acquire some NFTs? Let us know in the comments.

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